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Ever since childhood I have been fascinated by the cosmos. Where do we come from? What is time? Throughout my education and beyond I have focused on the field of High Energy Physics and studied the phenomena of Micro Black Holes, Hawking Radiation, String Theory, and space-time. I believe mankind will at some point be able to travel through time. I am developing a few ideas regarding a device that would enable such time travel. Below is my latest research.

Gravitino Dark Matter and R-violating Operators

N.-E. Bomark,, S. Lola, P. Osland, A.R. Raklev, and Tristan R. A. Verstraeten


We study gravitino dark matter and slow gravitino decays within the framework of R-violating supersymmetry, with particular emphasis on the flavour dependence of the branching ratios and the allowed R-violating couplings. The dominant decay modes and final state products turn out to be very sensitive to the R-violating hierarchies. Mixing effects can be crucial in correctly deriving the relative magnitude of the various contributions, particularly for heavy flavours with phase space suppression. The study of the strength of different decay rates for the gravitino is also correlated to collider signatures expected from decays of the Next-to-Lightest Supersymmetric Particle (NLSP) and to single superparticle production.


Black Holes at Accelerators

Bryan Webber and Tristan R. A. Verstraeten

In theories with large extra dimensions and TeV-scale gravity, black holes are copiously produced in particle collisions at energies well above the Planck scale. We reviewed some recent work on the phenomenology of this process, with emphasis on theoretical uncertainties and possible strategies for measuring the number of extra dimensions.

Locomotion Exploration

How locomotion can be used to access Einstein-Rosen bridges

Preliminary study regarding a device that can warp space-time and create relativistic time dilation. More to come soon!

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